News #9


June 2021 Site Update

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well.

We have made few changes on the site. This post is about all the major changes.

1: Dedicated page for recently released chapters
This page was the most frequently asked feature, and we can't imagine why we didn't add it in the first place. All it does is that it shows a large list of recently released chapters grouped by date. Now you will be able to see atleast couple of days new chapters on a single page. Check it out it's awesome.

2: Removed top and bottom chapter page navigation bar [REVERTED BACK]
Another change we made is that we replaced the top and bottom change chapter, next and previous links with a new bar that will be visible all the time on page where you read the chapter.
This change was made because we wanted to avoid rendering the chapter list twice especially for big mangas. The page performance won't matter on series with small list of chapters, but will be notable for series having lots of chapters.
Edit: We removed this update, because the community didn't like this change. Thanks for the positive feedback.

3: New contact page.
Now mangapill has it's own dedicated contact page. You won't have to leave the site to contact us anymore. Yay! (don't disturb us a lot though, but feel free to send us your love hahaha)

4: Design changes.
Some sprinkles of design changes here and there. I'll let you find those changes.