News #19


FAQ and September Update

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having fun and enjoying your favorite series here on mangapill. We are here with another quick update.

Firstly, we started replacing unofficial translation scans with their official translation scans. Even though, it's a pretty slow process for us, but this is better in general. So, we will always prefer official translation over fan translation even if we have to compromise on the scans quality a little bit.

Now to answer some of your most asked questions:

Question: Why does One Piece, Black Clover, Boku No Hero Academia new chapter scans quality changes after few weeks?
Answer: As mentioned above, we replace the TCB scans with official scans once we get our hands on official release.

Question: How can I search manga by popularity and trending?
Answer: This is not possible at the moment as we don't have any criteria for ranking series, and the current featured chapter section is limited and is not good enough for all the available series. But, we can add the ability to sort series by MAL popularity. If we get more requests we will add this feature.

Question: Discord server?
Answer: We don't have any discord server because we do not have the time to moderate a discord server. Maybe in future ;)

Question: Account and Bookmarks feature?
Answer: I know this is the most requested feature, but I will be honest here and say that, currently we have no plans of adding both these features. We still feel this is a lot of work, and we have a lot of internal things to do before we work on this. Sorry!!

Have fun and keep reading manga or whatever you like. Also, One Piece has been crazy good recently, and Hunter x Hunter Volume 37 will release on November 4! YAY!!