News #17


Site Changelog For April, May and June 2022

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good.
We are here today to let you know about the changes that we have made in the last couple of months.

List of Newly Added Mangas
As per your request, we have added a new page where you can find the mangas that have been recently added on this website. The series you request via missing manga form are usually added first.

Chapter Selector
You might have noticed that in April we enhanced our chapter selector with new design. This was mostly due to technical reasons, as the old selector was not good enough for series that has a lot of chapters. Also, it makes finding and selecting a chapter a bit easier as chapters are grouped now.

English Title on chapter pages
We have also started showing the English title of the mangas on chapter pages. No idea, why it wasn't added in the first place. We stuuupid.

Surprise Me Button
If you are bored, and don't know what to read you can try our surprise me button that takes you to different manga when you click it. You can keep trying for random suggestions. The surprise me button is located at two places, in the main nav-bar, and near trending mangas section.

Better Servers
We have also upgraded our servers for better performance. This was one of the reason site was down for some duration on May 29, 2022 and June 1, 2022.

Return of Hunter x Hunter
If you haven't heard it yet, Mr. Togashi is BACK!! The excitement is real after 4+ year hiatus.

Have a good weekend and keep reading manga.