News #12


Happy Holidays & December 2021 Update

Hello, and hope you all are doing fine!

First of all, Happy holidays everyone!! I know we are a bit late. However, we have been working on adding some decorations (holiday season theme) to the website, but due to some technical issues and time constraints we couldn't do it on time and decided to push this update without it! So, only wishes from us! Sorry...

Regarding site update, no major changes but we have some new features and changes on chapter page.

We received a lot of complaints especially from the manhwa readers regarding pages where half of the text is on one page and half on the next page. We did two things to solve this problem. We removed all extra space between pages. Second, we also added a button to remove page number bar.

The reload button is a new addition to page number bar. This is particularly useful when image fails to load, but it isn't a broken image. This lets you reload the image instead of refreshing the whole page again. However, if image still fails to load after multiple tries, it's probably a broken image which you need to report.

Have fun and keep reading manga!