News #10


August 2021: Answering Your Questions

I hope you all are doing well in this hard time of pandemic. I am just here to answer some of your frequently asked questions from July and August.

Request: Add more mangas and bigger library
We hear you loud and clear! We prefer only good quality scans and translations and this is the reason it's going to take sometime. However, we are daily adding a couple of new series.

Request: Bookmarks
This is the most requested feature we are receiving and just to let you know we are contemplating about it.
The reason we haven't done anything about it is that it's lot of work, and we are a very small team. The question that we need to answer is can we manage some of our time from main operations such as adding new series, replacing old chapters with official translations, maintaining the website server and start working on this large bookmarks feature.

Question: I see sexual ads
That took us by surprise because we don't allow it and this is a major problem for us now and we need your help. If anyone of you find such ads please let us know with some more details so we can let our ad network know to block these ads.
Also, we don't display ads anywhere except *chapter* page and we don't have popup ads. If that's not true for you, please let us know.

Question: Broken pages
Please make sure you first reload when you see a broken page especially on manhwas and series that have large pages like SOLO LEVELING. If you still see broken pages then report. We will fix it.

Your comments!
We love reading your comments on chapters! HAHAHA! Keep them coming!

Yes, we are waiting for the latest Berserk chapter as all of you are!! A part of me knows that I am going to get very emotional reading Berserk chapter 364!

In case you don't know, you can contact us from here Contact Page

Stay strong, and keep reading manga!