Taiyou to Tsuki no Hagane

Taiyou to Tsuki no Hagane

Steel of the Celestial Shadows

In early 19th-century Japan, a down-and-out samurai named Kounosuke Ryuudo struggles through his hardscrabble life. His dear departed mother's last hope was for him to live his life as a splendid warrior, but a cruel curse repels and distorts any metal that gets near him. Will he ever be able to wield a sword, much less live the life of an honorable samurai?

It is said that a samurai's spirit rests in their sword—and Ryuudo can't even pick one up! Destitute and hopeless, he decides to end it all. But when a beautiful and mysterious woman saves his life and his soul, it is the beginning of Ryuudo's journey into a strange world of magic that exists a step away from his own.

(Source: VIZ Media)