Rokujou Hitoma no Majo Life

Rokujou Hitoma no Majo Life

Witch Life in a Micro Room

Since childhood, Madge has studied magic within a witches' village deep in the woods under her grandmother's tutelage. As she grew up, she constantly dreamt about living in the city, where witches of the highest caliber garner popularity and respect from the people.

Running away from home, Madge sets out to begin her life in the city. Although her skills as a witch are promising, they do not fit the norms of modern society, resulting in Madge receiving a C-class witch rank, the lowest rank in the Witches Association. Set on improving herself no matter what, Madge befriends Lilica, a fellow C-class witch who lives with her in a rundown six–tatami mat apartment.

Together, Madge and Lilica work to climb the rankings, taking various jobs like catching wild animals or repairing magical apparatus. With each successful quest, the duo's friendship slowly becomes stronger, allowing them to conquer all odds that may come their way.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]