Houkago wa Kissaten de

Houkago wa Kissaten de

Coffee Shop Anemone

Unlike her friends, Riku Yanagi has minimal interest in cute cafes, talking about romance, or keeping up with the latest gossip. On the contrary, she appreciates "unpopular" things, like rustic cafes that play smooth jazz. Furthermore, out of all the boys in her class, Riku only has eyes for Eito Fushimi—someone her friends find undesirable due to his antisocial and often strange behavior.

One day, Riku is taken aback to find Eito behind the counter of a rustic cafe she has wanted to visit. But the Eito she finds at his job acts differently than the Eito she sees at school—smiling, willing to listen to his customers' idle banter, and dedicated to running his family's cafe in his father's absence. Meeting each other in a completely new setting, Riku and Eito form a bond fueled by their shared passion for things that are considered unpopular.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]