Promise Cinderella

Promise Cinderella

Hayame Katsuragi has never been afraid to call out the wrongdoing of others. If she sees someone being mistreated, she will intervene instead of feigning ignorance. Up until now, this way of doing things has never backfired on her. But when she confronts her cheating husband Masahiro about his affair, he does not beg for forgiveness like she thought he would—rather, he asks for a divorce.

Furious, Hayame leaves home with a single suitcase of her belongings. Carelessness leads to her being robbed and having to camp in a local park. There, she is pestered daily by a high school student she had previously witnessed bullying others. The apparently wealthy Issei Kataoka seems to take pleasure from making fools of people who covet his riches. After she refuses his money, Issei offers Hayame something even more valuable given her current situation: if she plays along with his games, at the cost of her pride, then she can live under his roof free of charge.

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Drama Romance