Yaiteru Futari

Yaiteru Futari

How to Grill Our Love

Due to his lack of confidence, 30-year-old Kenta Fukuyama has always struggled with romance; however, an encounter with designer Chihiro Yamaguchi completely changes his life. Despite her seemingly cold demeanor, Chihiro is friendly and compassionate, leading Kenta to develop feelings for her. Similarly, Kenta's kind and genuine nature immediately captures Chihiro's heart, and the two soon decide to marry.

Shy, inexperienced, and separated by distance, Kenta and Chihiro initially face difficulties as newlyweds. Regardless, through their mutual love for BBQ and with the occasional help from their close ones, the couple gradually learns to confront their problems and advance their unique, wholehearted relationship.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]