Ame no Furu

Ame no Furu

Candy Flurry

Tsumugi Minase is an ordinary schoolgirl with a major sweet tooth. She also happens to be a Sweets User—someone who ingested a candy created by ToyToy Candy and subsequently gained the ability to conjure sweets out of thin air. Despite its potency, no two Sweets Users can have the same capabilities. Tsumugi is able to wield a giant lollipop but does her best to hide such a skill to maintain her normal life.

These powers are what brought Tokyo to ruin five years ago, decimated by a mysterious lollipop-wielding Sweets User who has yet to be identified and is still at large. Prior to the city’s destruction, Tsumugi caught a glimpse of the perpetrator and was shocked to discover that they shared the same ability.

The catastrophic event is what gave birth to the Recette—a specialized police force that tackles the spike in criminal activity led by Sweets Users. When Tsumugi saves her classmate and Recette agent Misaki Midori, he immediately suspects her to be the wanted lollipop criminal despite her insistence otherwise. Determined to clear her name and find the true culprit, Tsumugi resolves to join Recette to aid their investigation.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]